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Building the Big "C" Church through content marketing, social media, pay per click advertising, and email marketing.


We are ministry evangelists who use social media marketing. Or marketing evangelists, for short. We help ministries & churches understand the Google grant program, social media platforms, and other communication opportunities so that they can reach more people for Christ and see real life change in their members.


Ministry Marketing Bootcamp

Join like-minded ministries in learning how to utilize the different marketing tools available and make them work for your audience.

Google AdWords Management

Google Adwords, Search vs. Display, keywords, site links … Do all these terms immediately make your head start swimming? That’s why we’re here. So you don’t have to think about them.

Social Media Marketing

Looking to get the word out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? We can help you connect with people regardless of where they spend their time online.

Google Grant Management

Do you know that Google has a $10,000 month advertising grant for non-profits? We do. And more importantly, we know how to use it.

Email Marketing

Trying ways to build engagement with the people you already know? Working to build trust in new visitors? We'll help build solid email campaigns that push to the right things.

Analytics Dashboards

Is what you're doing even working? Are your people coming from where you think they are? Are they coming back? What does all that mean? Let us help you determine your engagement funnel and then measure it for growth.

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NEW Business. Website. Blog.

You may have noticed we received a facelift this week. Jen A Miles LLC has some changes coming and I wanted to honor that shift with an all new look. Last month, I begin a Doctorate program at George Fox Evangelical Seminary (Doctor of Ministry in Semiotics and Future Studies).This required that I re-evaluate how […]

What our clients say

Jen has done a great job supporting several of my clients in maximizing their Google Adwords accounts! Her expertise is second to none and her heart to serve these ministries was extremely evident. I look forward to continuing to work with Jen on many projects in the future and highly recommend her to anyone who is using or considering using Google Adwords.

Nils Smith
Nils Smith Vice President of Social Media & Innovation Dunham+Company

Since realizing that I was over my head with Google Adwords, Jennifer has made improvements in every area that we track. We now spend less money for better quality clicks and our time on site has gone way up!

Seth Farrior
Seth Farrior Seacoast Church

Jen has has been a HUGE help in focusing our Google Ads, we’re seeing the quality of the connections from her work go up exponentially!!!
I appreciate how Jennifer takes the complexity of Google and simplified it for us which makes it not only easier to understand on her reports, but easier to make adjustments as our marketing changes.

Jason Morris
Jason Morris Technology and Innovation Pastor Westside Family Church